Home Health Assistance

Healthcare of the future, that is already here

‘The future that is already here’ Peter Drucker

An Italian company with headquarters in Veneto, Italy, we provide Integrated Home Health Assistance Services (IHHAS) for people with extremely complex personal care and health issues, who need extra help. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and licensed assistant personnel are available to go to clients’ chosen places of care: at home or at the office. We are digital experts in healthcare, but that doesn’t detract from the personal relationship and affection we feel for those we help; we use teleconsultation, telemedicine and continuous remote monitoring, when considered necessary or helpful by the client and his/her family. However, our doctors also go to people’s homes as often as required.

In Veneto we provide social, welfare, personal care and medical services for the purposes of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people. We treat them in the place chosen by our clients; at home, in the office or wherever they spend their days.

With the family, we look after the well-being of the person and, in order to analyse their personal care needs, we use internationally recognised and validated clinical platforms (Inter RAI). We take charge of the person after careful analysis by the entire multidisciplinary team: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other licensed assistant personnel, who look for the best possible health care assistance project. It is a holistic, not just a medical approach. Once the care plan has been defined, we are able to provide medical, laboratory diagnostics and radiological diagnostics services: everything that technology is able to make available at home with safety, efficiency and quality.

RC Home Health Assistance adopts an approach based on the experience of professionals, on the frontier of technologies, on psychological support and nursing care, with a personal touch: only in this way can scientific progress and tradition give the best results. Not only the best results in health, but also in efficiency, in reducing social costs, as well as in real sustainability. The home care thus designed, represents the most sustainable choice for the entire healthcare sector.